The Asylum Wagon 1949 IH Panel.

J&S is an asylum for hot rods, rat rods, motorcycles and us.

What We Do

 We make and sell VW trikes and trike frame kits.    The Standard 2 Seat kit,  Low Rider solo kit, and accessory  kits.

 Vintage Engine machine work and rebuilding,  Engine Boring, Crankshaft Regrinding, Flywheel Resurfacing, Valve & Head work, etc.   Vintage motorcycle engine work. Custom frames and Hot Rods
VW align boring, case cutting, install case inserts,

 fly cutting, rebuild, etc. 

We do Babbitt

Model A & T Fords - Indian 4 or Hit& Miss engines.

Custom J&S Standard 2 Seat Trike with floorboards, sissy bar, and engine surround kits.

VW Trike


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Thank you for your interest in our trike frame kits.

    VW trike frame kits require that you have the tools and skills to put  them together.  You will need to be able to weld, cut, and grind steel.   You will also have to have a VW torsion housing to attach the VW trike  frame kit, a motorcycle frame neck with bearings, and a motorcycle front  fork. 
    These kits are made to be customized.  By changing the angle of the  pieces you may achieve a very different look.  We start you off with a  basic frame kit...then you get to turn it into the machine that you  want, with no one else having a trike that is exactly like yours.